Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hog's Back, 16 December

After climbing a bit we come to the top of the hill, where the path takes us through lots of flowering manuka bushes and eventually out onto a beautiful foot path along the hill side appearing to head up towards the mountains.

Just before we begin to descend we come across this rather lovely fallen tree
Looking through the dead branches across the valley towards the Hog's Back

The path takes us across a wide stretch of tussock grass towards a wooded area
We cross the stream and the path takes us through a series of wooded areas interspersed with alpine meadows, heading upwards from now on

Eventually we get to the foot of the Hog's Back. Very little vegetation just a lot of loose rock as we zig zag upwards
At the top we meet up with a few groups of off roaders. The bald stony earth gives way to coarse grass, bushes and tussock, and we find a warm sheltered spot for our picnic.

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  1. Hi Sue & Mike

    Loving the photos of New Zealand as always. The fallen tree is quite artistic in its own way I thought. Hope all is good with you both. :)